Various Small Projects


Goretex Shell Jacket

The very first piece of apparel I designed and constructed in first semester of Technical Apparel Design at the Wilson School of Design.  This project was a crash coarse in technical apparel design, development, and construction. Many techniques were learned, including: designing flats, creating technical packages, pattern manipulation, transformative reconstruction, heat-press bonding, seam taping, and working with 3-layer fabric.


Lululemon Men's Lightweight Trail Running Shorts

A project to design a conceptual collection for a local apparel company. These shorts were designed along side with a running top and long sleeve shirt created by my follow team members. Mock shorts were constructed using sew-free technology which included ultra-sonic welding, Bemis heat-press tapes and film.


Canvas Rolltop Backpack

Handmade backpack constructed from rip-stop black canvas, buffalo leather straps, wool liner, and metal hardware.


Hacking Textiles

Various little experiments on wearable technology integration in textiles.


Undergrad Final Project

Sample images of my industrial design undergrad final project.